Chrisél Mouton

Hi, I'm Chrisél, the girl behind the lens of Chrisél Mouton

Photography. I am a Cape Town based photographer specialising in

Wedding, Fashion and Product Photography. If you are looking for a Bali photographer. I will be there in 2023 from May to the end of August!

I studied Acting. Freshly graduated and now I had to take on this thing called "Adulting". It was quite a challenge entering the intimidating film industry as a youngster. Working on my craft and assisting on film sets lost it’s magic after a while.

Goodness gracious I had to take a break from this industry. So I packed my bags, got on a plane and yes, I became a flight attendant

for Emirates.

After a while I started missing this crazy entertainment industry. I arrived back in South Africa and became a radio DJ on one of the local radio stations. 4 Years of "chatting"as a career and singing and dancing in musicals, it was time for yet another change.


From the moment I picked up my first professional camera, it was most definitely a love at first sight situation. And so the journey began. This has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Being a full time photographer is a DREAM come true!!

Oh...another dream, to own all the animals in the world. Still figuring this one out...


I'm shooting with my heart and soul and capturing stories along the way . I'm so excited to share my passion and I can’t wait to capture

magical memories with you.